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Wall Mounted Automatic Retractable Garden Hose Pipe Reel Water Car Clean Sprayer

SKU: YDJO-1495594


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Tube Material: TPU
Sprayer Head Material: PP
Reel material: ABS
Working pressure: 16kpa
Burst pressure: 60kpa
Applicable temperature: 120 (°C)
Coil tube method: Rewind
Pipe Inner Diameter: 8mm
Pipe Outer Diameter: 12mm
Output tube Length: 9m
Input Tube Length: 1m
Size: (L)X(W) 31X28cm /12.2inchX11.02inch(appr.)
Quick retractable tube
Mounted on the wall for 180° free rotation
Improve work efficiency and save work time
The pipes can be arranged neatly and orderly
Automatic locking device inside the case, which can automatically retract
Widely used in auto repair industry, production line, assembly line, 4S shop, auto beauty shop, etc.
The outer casing protection device effectively avoids the wear of the cable or the water pipe and prolongs the service life.
How to Install:
1.It can be mounted on a wall or in a more convenient place by means of a mounting bracket, or it can be also installed on a suitable beam or ceiling.
2.Note that it should be placed above the head.
3.50cm space should be reserved on both sides of the fixing frame.
4.Two holes on mounting frame are correspondingly fitted with expansion screws, and each screw is sheathed with a spring ring and a gasket.
How to lock and pull back:
1. When the length of the cable or the water pipe is pulled out, slowly pull it out and hear the “tick Inch sound. At this time, the automatic bolt will automatically lock, then pull and hear the “tick Inch sound. At this time, the automatic bolt opens. , cable or pipe is automatically retracted
2. Cable mark at the end of the cable or pipe about 50cm.When you pull it to this position, be careful not to pull it forward to lock or retract the cable or the pipe.
3. When auto retracting, hand gently hold the cable or water pipe to avoid unnecessary damage caused by rapid recycling.
4. After using the product, the cable or water pipe should be retracted to keep the spring loose and prolong the service life of the spring.
Package Included:
1 X Automatic Reel with sprayer head

Weight 4.12 kg


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