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48V 6A Battery Charger with Snap Head 3 Pin Plug for Ez Go Club Car Golf Cart

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Power up your golf cart with this eco-friendly and ultra secure golf cart battery charger!
Equipped with powerwise snap head 3 pin connector plug, the 48V 6A golf cart battery charger charges up your batteries in a matter of hours or overnight.
It suits for different golf cart types with the detachable US plug power supply cable.
Cooling fans bring ventilation and cooling to the inner environment and protect the charger from heat damage.
This practical and versatile battery charger is exactly what you need for your golf cart!
Maximum Security: 48V 6A fully automatic battery charger protects from over current, over voltage and short circuit, auto-off when fully charged.
Intelligent Battery: This golf cart battery charger features high precision current and voltage locking to ensure full charge and avoid overcharge.
Efficient&Eco-Friendly: Conversion efficiency of this golf cart battery charger is greater than 90%; Accurate constant current control, current varies less than 5%.
Durable&Practical: aluminum housing allows for long lasting performance; Dual color indicator light for clear indication and current state.
Quality Guarantee: Premium golf cart battery charger have passed tests by European CE and Environmentally Friendly ROHS. Safety certified, export quality.
Product Name: 48V 6A Golf Cart Battery Charger With Snap Head 3 Pin Plug
Material: Aluminium
Input Voltage: 100V-120V(AC)
Output Voltage: 48V DC
Output Current: 6A DC
Input Plug: US Plug
Charger Plug: Snap Head 3 Pin Plug
Inner Diameter: 35mm/1.38 Inch
External Diameter: 45mm/1.77 Inch
Plug Length:156mm/6.14 Inch
Recharge Time: 4-6 Hours (depends on your battery capacity)
Compatible Model: Generic
How to choose the right charger
Confirm the voltage, battery capacity and plug type of the golf cart.
Examples of battery capacity conversion:
The customer’s battery is 36V 40mAh. What kind of charger should he buy
40mAh*0.125=5A (Battery capacity multiplying 0.125 can estimate how much amperage is needed.
The customer should buy a 36V 5A charger.
1.It doesn’t charge.
(1)Confirm if it is lead-acid battery. If it is lithium battery, no full charge or fail to charge.
Solution: Send the video or instruction provided by factory to the customer, and it can be converted to lithium battery charger after self-debugging.
(2) Be sure to check the voltage and current of the customer’s golf cart, and whether the voltage of the customer’s country is 110V.
If the battery capacity of the cart is too large and the charger’s amperage is too small, voltage mismatch will cause overtime charging or charging failure.
Solution to unable to charge despite all parameters match: Ask the customer to provide images or videos of charging,
send to product developer and wait for factory to provide technical support.
1. Check if your local mains supply conforms to charger’s input voltage 110 or 230V.
Then connect the charger system to a wall socket. If charger has switch with OFF position, it MUST be set to ON.
2. LED1 RED confirms AC power on, and the LED2 GREEN confirms charger connects well.
3. Connect the plug or the DC Output cord to battery terminals.
LED2 RED confirms charger is charging, LED2 GREEN confirms battery fully charged
(N→Positive + ; L→Negative – ; Brown→+ve terminal, Blue→-ve terminal).
If this charger with a Relay for Reverse Polarity Protection, it doesn’t have output voltage and current when charger AC power
on but disconnecting with the battery. It will have voltage and current output when it connects with battery.
If the charger has a Fuse instead of Relay for Reverse Polarity Protection, it has output once AC power on.
1. The phenomenon of Sparking is normal when it connects to battery because of high current.
2. This charger is designed for charging Lead Acid or Silicon type batteries only.
3. Avoid charging the wrong type of battery.
4. The battery maybe damaged if LED2 cannot be changed to green after a long time of charging.
5. Always place the charger in well-ventilated and dry environments.
6. The charger is designed with aluminum case as its heat sink. Do not cover it to avoid the case from being over heated while charging.
7.Please attention to DC terminal:
Brown→(+) Positive Terminal,Blue→(-) Negative Terminal
8. DO NOT disassemble charger. Take it to a qualified service person when service or repair is required.
Package Included:
1 X 48V 6A Golf Cart Battery Charger With Snap Head 3 Pin Plug
1 X US Plug Power Supply Cable
1 X User Manual

Weight 1.405 kg


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