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HJS Switching Power Supply Transformer Adjustable AC 110/220V to DC 0-24/36/48V 480W with Dual Digital Display

SKU: YDJO-1429755


Output Voltage DC 0V-48V / Output Voltage DC 0V-24V / Output Voltage DC 0V-36V /

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How to limit current
1. Operate in the case of power off , pull the small pull switch in the lower left corner to the left gear(current regulating).
2. Pull out the current regulating insert to the 2nd and 3rd ports of the wiring port, loosen the port screw with a screwdriver, and
tighten with a screwdriver (at this time, connect to the AC power), and then the voltage digital display shows 0.00V, and the
current shows the current current parameter.
3. Adjust the current knob(on the right side) , you can adjust the desired current limit parameter, and display the current parameter
synchronously with the digital display. 0-20A/0-15A/0-10A can be adjusted in the whole process.
4. Remove the adjustment current insert and plug it back into the original insert card holder. After removing the digital display, the
voltage is about 0.90V, and the current is 0.00A.
5. Pull the pull switch in the lower left corner to the right gear(open/use).
6. The power supply is in the parameter value of the desired current. Now you can adjust the voltage knob(the voltage digital display
shows the output voltage in real time), the current does not change. And the current reaches 95% of the current limiting parameter,
overload protection starts working.
7. The current digital display shows the current value of the device load at this time, and the load current is monitored in real time. And
not to swich the current knob because the limited current parameter will change when you witch the current knob.
If there is no need for current limiting, use the general equipment, without the above operation, pull the pull switch in the lower left corner
to the right inchopen (use)inch gear, and turn the (current adjustment knob) clockwise to the top. The maximum current limit at this time is 20A/
15A/10A, at this time the power supply parameter is the output 0-24V 20A/0-36V 15A/0-48V10A, which is equal to a 0-24V 20A /0-36V 15A/
0-48V 10A switching power supply.
1. Switching power supply, convert AC 110V/220V to DC 0-24V(0-20A) / DC 0-36V(0-15A) / DC 0-48V(0-10A) 480W.
2. Come with dual knob switch: a 0-24/36/48V DC voltage fully adjustable switch and a current fully adjustable switch, built in a multi-loop high precision and high-end potentiometer.
3. Dual high precision digital display the real-time output DC voltage and current.
4. Smart protections: support shortage protection, overload protection, overvoltage protection, surge protection, automatic recovery function.
5. Built-in intelligent temperature control cooling fan: it start working when the temperature is up to certain value, and stop working when no need cooling.
5. Dual input voltage, built-in 110V AC/220 V AC toggle switch(on the side), the defualt voltage is 220V AC.
6. Wide input voltage range, widely used in kinds of DC equipments, DC motor stepless speed adjustment, battery charging, Industrial automation, LED light strip display, student experiment, communications, etc.
Product: Switching Power Supply
Model: HJS-480
Input Voltage: AC 110V/220V
DC 0-48V 0-10A
DC 0-36V 0-15A
DC 0-24V 0-20A
Power: 0-480W
Input Frequency Range: 50/60Hz
Modulation Mode: PWM
Output Start Time: ≤2S(120V AC), ≤1S(230V AC)
Output Hold Time: ≥10mS(120V AC), ≥20mS(230V AC)
Working Temperature: -10℃~+60℃
Working Humidity: 20% ~ 90%RH (no condensation)
Size: Approx. 215X115X50mm
Gross Weight: Around 900g
1. This product can work normally only when the input voltage is AC 110V or AC 220V, make sure that the local Using voltage is AC 110V or AC 220V before you place an order.
2. The default input voltage is AC 220V, 110/220V is selected by switch on the side of the device, before power on please check input voltage avoiding damage.
2. The max current is 10A/15A/20A, so any device with less than 10A/15A/20A current can be used, any device with a current 10A/15A/20A upper cannot be used.
3. When using inductive loads such as motors and fans, please pay attention to the large starting current parameters of the motor, which should not be higher than the large operating current of the power supply, otherwise the power supply may be damaged. The power supply with larger current should be selected, or the motor should be equipped with soft starting protection circuit to absorb shock current.
Package Included:
1 X Switching Power Supply
9 X Terminals
1 X Current Regulating Insert

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