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12V 8000W Diesel Air Heater All in 1 LCD Monitor Remote Control for Truck Motorhome Boat Trailer

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Name: All In One 12V 8KW Diesel Air Heater
Material: Metal+Plastic
Color: Red+Black
Size: 15*41*41cm (6*16*16inch)
Voltage: 12V
Power: 8000W
Fuel: Diesel
Complete combustion rate: 100%
Fuel consumption: 0.1~0.24L
Working temperature: -40°C~80°C
– Easy to maintain.
– Easy to install and remove.
– Fuel supplied from the vehicle’s own tank.
– All into one unit, saving space and easy to move.
– With continuous monitoring and diagnostic system.
– Two working modes: air condition mode & heater mode.
– Low noise: noise reduction processing with minimal noise.
– Low fuel and power consumption for longer periods of operation.
– Get rid of damage to car causing by the sudden drop of temperature.
– Smooth, automatic room temperature control with temperature pre-set facility.
– Easy installation: the compact design is good for using in a variety of narrow spaces.
– Applicable to: various diesel mechanical vehicles such as cars, buses, RVs, trucks, engineering vehicles, etc.
1. Query machine status (keep short press of the inchOKinch key to switch one state at a time and display it in a loop)
–Time display →ambient temperature display → setting temperature display (automatic temperature stabilizing) / setting oil mass display (manual temperature stabilizing) → supply voltage display →altitude display – historical fault code display – press the inchOKinch key to check
2. Fuel filling description manually
–Under the OFF state, press the down-regulate and setting key simultaneously to conduct fuel filling manually, which displays HOF, after releasing, press again and it displays HON, the oil pump starts to work. You can hear the sound of the oil pump and the oil pump icon lights up. Press down to display HOF, exit fuel refill, the oil pump icon disappears. The process of line air evacuation shall be done under watch, when the oil reaches the position of the oil inlet of the machine, it can be stopped. If there is too much oil enters the machine, there will be black smoke when igniting.
3. Description of temperature control mode switching
–Press the up-regulation and inchOKinch key simultaneously to conduct temperature control mode switch. Manual temperature control (adjustment oil mass shows P-16, number represents the oil mass), automatic temperature control (adjustment temperature shows 25℃, number represents the temperature). The difference between the two ways of temperature control is that: in automatic mode, pump oil can reach the maximum upon parameter setting, when the machine heat is high, the manual pumping is limited to the current set value, which will not reach the maximum oil value set by the parameter. Plus, the gears are clearly shown, parts and components are equipped, very convenient for the old hands.
4. Description of Match Code by remote control
–Under the OFF state, press Power and OK keys simultaneously in remote controller first, then remote control appears waiting for matching text, thence, keep long press of down adjustment keys of LCD panel. It shows HFR – enter the remote code match interface, upon success, automatically exit the interface, then, it shows normal working parameter. If the code match failed, it would not enter the normal state of displaying working parameters. The code match state will be automatically exited when it did not receive remote control code timeout
Package included:
1 x Air Heater (With LCD Thermostat)
1 x Remote Control (Batteries NOT included)
1 x Air Filter
1 x Air Outlet Pipe
1 x Intake Pipe
1 x Exhaust Pipe

Weight 10.84 kg


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