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36V 350W Motor Controller+Dashboard+Front/Rear Light for Scooter Electric Bicycle E-bike

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Voltage:DC 36V
Rated Power:350W
1. Boot: Long press the boot (about 1s). At the same time, the buzzer sounds twice.
2. Shutdown: Press and hold 3s to shut down. At the same time, the buzzer sounds twice.
3. Light: In the power-on state, short press (within 1 second) once, turn on the front and rear lights,
the headlights are always on, and the taillights are flashing.
4. Brake: Electronic brake + disc brakes. The tail light is long on the brakes.
5. Gear shift: The power-on state, the default is the low-speed file;
press the button twice (press twice in one second) to switch the gear position; Green is low gear; red is high gear
6. Battery display: 33v-36v The first light is long
36v-37v one or two lights long bright
37v-38.5v one or two lights long bright
38.5v or more, one, two, three, four lights
Low voltage alarm: The first light flashes when the battery is below 33V, and the buzzer sounds 6 times.
7. Low voltage alarm speed mode: The speed limit is about 15Km/h. When the power returns to 37V,
the throttle must return to the initial position to release the low voltage and return to normal operation.
8. Constant speed cruise: The speed is stable for about 6 seconds to automatically start the cruise control;
after the cruise is fixed, the throttle can be released; press the brake
or push the throttle again to release the cruise control and enter the manual mode.
9. Speed: The low speed gear is 15±2km/h; the high speed gear is 25±2km/h.
10.Automatic shutdown: Automatically shut down 10 minutes after no operation.
Power Display:
1) Voltage 38.2V-42V The first second third fourth fifth lights are always on
2) Voltage 36.6V-38.2V The first second third fourth light is always on
3) Voltage 34.5V-36.6V The first second third lights are always on
4) Voltage 32.8V-34.5V The first second light is always on
5) Voltage 31.5V-32.8V The first light is always on
6) Voltage 30-31.5V The last grid flashes
7) Turn-off of motor with voltage below 31V
Error Code:
1) ‘E1’ Motor Hall failure
2) ‘E2’ MOS
MOS fault or motor phase line short circuit fault
3) ‘E3’ Brake failure
4) ‘E4’ Handlebar failure
5) ‘E5’ Undervoltage protection
6) ‘E6’ Instrument/control communication failure
7) ‘E7’ Overvoltage protection
8) ‘E8’ Controller op amp failure
9) ‘E9’ Stall protection
Wiring Port Diagram:
Power cord: big black red line
Motor wire: blue wire/green wire/yellow wire
Hall wire: red wire/yellow wire/blue wire/green wire/black wire
Tail light wire: small red wire and black wire
Software Burning line: green line/red line/black line
Communication line: green line/blue line/black line/red line/yellow line
Package Included:
1 x screen controller
1 x dashboard
1 x accelerator
1 x front light
1 x rear light
1 x waterproof wiring

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